The Services

Strategic investment management and advice for us means to develop and permanently update the asset allocation of our clients (including the use of asset-liability analyses if necessary) and to support our clients in all investment policy decisions (€ 50 million upwards).

Our Family Office advisory service includes comprehensive investment policy advice, the selection of third-party managers as well as organisational support for the preservation and growth of family assets (€ 50 million upwards).

Our asset and portfolio management comprises the active management of client assets within the framework of agreed targets and in accordance with our investment approach (€ 10 million upwards).

Our risk overlay management serves to strictly limit potential losses in larger (€100 million and more).

In the area of private equity investment we focus on long-term oriented corporate investments, which are generally carried out jointly with the partners, directly or via closed end funds.

Individual bundling of the services offered is of course possible. We always maintain close contact with our clients, point out opportunities and risks at an early stage and propose changes to the investment profile in good time.